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Originally Posted by fatriff View Post
I have this app on my desire and it shows you how much time the phone has for individual things and for wifi it has 6 hours listed from a full charge and that sounds about right as that's about what i'd expect if i was browsing constantly for 6 hours on wifi... using 3G or H on the other hand consumes allot less power.
Been experimenting for about a week now on browsing and using until it dies.

In order of biggest battery drain, screen at level 5 for tests on T-mobile and only used where signal levels were above 75%.

Constant use:
Wifi - 1% per 6 minutes
3G - 1% per 6 minutes
HSPDA - 1% per 10 minutes
2G/GRPS/EDGE - 1% per 9 minutes (but soooooo sloooow)

I didnt kill all the apps I had, as really wanted a real world semi-scientific test. Mobile data was left ON at all times, with permanent connection left on.

Even on standby over night with data left on and weather sync (3 hours) only uses 3%
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