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Default Downside to purchasing through Wirefly?

I was wondering if anybody had legitimate reasons for why I shouldn't get my EVO through Wirefly?

The ONLY downside I can think of right now, is I may have to wait till June 5th or 7th to actually receive the phone. But the positives seem to outweigh that little issue. I've seen all the threads related to Best Buy and Radio Shack and I'm trying to figure out what the draw is for purchasing there other than getting it as fast as you can.

This is all based on what I have seen Wirefly do, recently with the Incredible release, as well as purchasing my last phone (ENV2) through them, but this is how I foresee it going down:

-EVO becomes available on June 4th, same as Incredible became available on April 29th.

-EVO is priced at $149, just as the Incredible was and is currently listed at $149. Both phones would be or are $199 on their respective carriers websites and at places like Radio Shack and Best Buy.

-Would be able to drop another $50 off price because of Bing Cashback program, effectively dropping the total purchase price to $99, without having to pay any sales tax. Still would have to pay $35 activation fee, unless Sprint was running a special through Wirefly giving free activation. (Much like AT&T is currently doing) But maximum cost of phone would be $135.

-EVO would ship overnight and best case scenario would arrive on Saturday June 5th, or worst case scenario Monday June 7th.

-No rebates mail in or otherwise to worry about or mess with. Just a lower cost for the phone overall.

Does anybody have any LEGITIMATE reasons other than not getting the phone on the day it is released why it wouldn't be a good idea to go with Wirefly on this?

I'm not looking for arguments or pissing matches on this, just really curious if anyone has any reasons for me to think about not going with Wirefly on this, if the previously mentioned aspects turn out that way.

Thanks for any insight or thoughts on this in advance....
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