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Ampache with Ampache for Android is a great combo. Ampache for Android was the first app I downloaded when I got my phone on 11/6.

I've been running Ampache for a few years now as a web based music server to listen to my stuff at work/home. This is easier with a centralized NAS which I also run. The NAS (freeNAS) serves all media to Ampache, Mythbuntu, itunes, etc.
Right now I have a virtualized (Virtualbox) ubuntu server running a webserver and Ampache. With VB folder shares setup and the virtual server the setup can be done in only a few minuets. Plug in the virtual LAMP, download Ampache, run the setup and your done. It takes me longer to open ports on my convoluted firewall than to install the app.
Ampache can also do video but I don't use that feature and haven't tried it on my Android either.

If you like it I suggest you donate, it is a great project. I've only chatted online with the developer twice but he was very nice and answered the questions that I had.
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