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Originally Posted by Android 17 View Post
Now, is that $135 you came up with for completely new customers, or can I assume it would be similarly priced for someone upgrading?

And wirefly does not charge sales tax then? I had heard bad stories about Wirefly before, but for that cheap......I'm not sure.

I also have a corporate discount in my account already, but it should stick since I'm merely upgrading, right?

For saving that much money, I could wait several days too.
Ok, currently the incredible is listed at $149.99 for both new customers and for upgrades. I have seen it listed in the last week for upgrades around $179 I think. Either way, you still save money.

Wirefly does not charge sales tax.

I won't vouch for Wirefly other than to say I have not had any problems with them. I emailed them asking for clarification on if the phone had problems and this is what I got back.

Thank you for contacting our Customer Relations department.

The equipment discount provision is $200 for a non-PDA (personal digital assistant) phone and $300 for a PDA (personal digital assistant) phone. It would not be applicable if you place an order through Sprint.

Unfortunately, we don't have the Sprint EVO available with us. We don't have any exact date for the arrival on this phone is our warehouse. You will certainly have a 30 days trial period to return the equipment to us and cancel the service with Sprint. If you don't like Sprint service, we can process an exchange with any different carrier and the phone model offered with that carrier for you. You would not be charged for an equipment discount provision.

All the phones processed from our warehouse have a 30 days trial period to exchange the phone with us to a same/different phone model of your choice. If the phone malfunctions after that, you would still be entitled for a 1 year warranty with Sprint.

To place a new order, please call our sales team on 1-866-324-9445.

Please feel free to contact us again if you need any further assistance.

We hope you place your order soon.

Rahul T. Kanare
Customer Relations Department
As for the corporate account question, I would say call Sprint and ask them. I am planning on calling Sprint when I receive the phone to get the SERO plan applied to my account.

As for the $35 activation fee, I tried to get them to waive it when I got my ENV2, but they said I would have to talk to Verizon because they didn't have control over it. Verizon wouldn't do it, but I still got my ENV2 for free at the time, which was $99 cheaper than Verizon had it.

As long as the price is at that $149, coupled with no sales tax, $50 back from Bing, free next day shipping, I can't see why Wirefly wouldn't be a good route to go. But that is why we have choices, right?
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