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Originally Posted by jsuh View Post
I have 900+ contacts I had to transfer and backup, and I was able to do it without problems. Reminder: Google has "Remove/Merge Duplicates" feature.
  1. Turn off Google Sync for Contacts for the time being (If you have it on).
  2. Go to People > Click Menu > Import/Export > Export to SD Card.
  3. Mount your Eris to your computer and copy the exported contacts file to your computer.
  4. Go to Google Contacts ( > Contacts > Export and export all your Google contacts. (As backup)
  5. Delete all your contacts on your phone.
  6. Go back to Google Contacts and import your phone contacts.
  7. After you import them, you should see on the right iFrame a "Find duplicates" feature. Run it, do what you need to do to remove or merge duplicates.
  8. Turn your Google Sync for Contacts back on your phone and sync!
If you got any other questions, I'd be more than happy to help.
Nice tip! This should get put in a "sticky" section!
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