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Originally Posted by Fadelight View Post
I spent the last hour setting up the servers. I guess I should've started with the app on my phone... it could have saved me a lot of time if I had realized beforehand that the app was just going to constantly force close on me.
Fadelight, the app force closed on me at first too, a lot. I found the problem to be a combination of 2 things:

1) If you try to run the app before the user/pwd are set up on the server, and try to log in, and then click on one of the buttons it would force close.

2) I found that this app (or the phone, not sure which) really wants to stream in mp3 format. So in the end I wound up setting up the transcoders in the ampache/config/ampache.cfg.php file as follows:

transcode_m4a = true
transcode_m4a_target = mp3
transcode_flac = true
transcode_flac_target = mp3
transcode_mp3 = true
transcode_mp3_target = mp3

transcode_cmd_flac = "<some-path>\bin\flac -dc %FILE% | <some-path>\bin\lame -b %SAMPLE% -S - - "
transcode_cmd_m4a = "<some-path>\bin\faad -f 2 -w %FILE% | <some-path>\bin\lame -r -b %SAMPLE% -S - -"
transcode_cmd_mp3 = "<some-path>\bin\lame -q 3 -b %SAMPLE% -S %FILE% - -"

The flac, fadd, and lame exe's have to be downloaded and put in some directory and you put the hard coded path to them in the cfg file as above.

Once I did all that, I haven't had one force close.

I'm running DM 1.0 ROM btw. Maybe your problem is 2.1 related also, if you're on a 2.1 based ROM.

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