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Originally Posted by Cryptic79 View Post
The teachers I had for JAVA and C++ were useless. The JAVA and C++3 teacher wouldn't provide any help when asked. I would go to him with questions about JAVA assignments and he would ask what I thought should be done? Well, I already tried what I THOUGHT, jackass, that's why I'm here.
I've never taken a computer class in my life; I've learned everything from Z80 assembler and Forth to C++ and Java strictly through self-study. After all, you can't go back to college every time a new language comes out! But I admit that's doing it the hard way.

(I take it back, I took a Pascal lab once. Utter waste of time, learned more on my own, which is why I forgot about it. Anyone remember Pascal?)

But if we're ranting, bad teachers are one of my pet peeves. From what I hear from my kids it sounds like they do very little in school any more but watch movies and make collages of American History... we're so doomed.

I also don't get the Guitar Hero thing, being an actual real-world musician... my stepson loves the game so I asked him if he'd like a real Fender Strat and amp for Christmas. Naah, not interested, he'd rather play the game.
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