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I didn't call you an idiot.

But very few of your complaints were a surprise to me, and others, because we read up on the device before purchase. Some people even went so far as to pick one up and play with it at a store before buying it (which would've given you a clue about the keyboard).

You'll notice that I didn't say your complaints weren't valid. I cleared up some misconceptions, and clued you in on some features you didn't fully understand (the home button task switch functionality), but I never said you didn't have any legit gripes. I'm sure plenty of people were turned-off by the keyboard, and that's their thing.

I'm sorry if you feel insulted, but with anything in life, especially something as important and expensive as a phone you save yourself a lot of grief in the long run by researching and reading-up on it beforehand.

Had you done that, researched the phone, you probably would still be happily using your iPhone, not typing complaints on a website for a device you're not happy with.

And No I'm not better because I educate myself, I'm just happy with my purchase.

I trust the point of buying things is so that they will be useful to us and make our lives happier in some respect. Educating myself on something before buying it makes that possible. So no, I'm not better than you or anyone else, but I've got a new phone I love, and I am happy to have spent the money, isn't that worth educating yourself?
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