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Originally Posted by kam187 View Post
1) This works better if you have more resources. so less widgets and more ram available. Some firmware also work alot better. If you are confortable with rooting etc then you should check out the stock II8 and tweaks that go with it. If not you'll just have to put up with it for now.
One thing, just to save your sanity is to tap lock, wait for screen, then press again. This prevents the frustration of when you hold it for a long time and nothing happens!

2) There is another thread on here about that, it may be an interferance problem from the GSM. If you got it from your carrier, try a factory reset to rule out any software problems, and send it back for a replacement. Its caused by bad shielding
Its possible it is a sw problem too, so try a factory reset first.

3) The music should stop when you get a call. Check the jack is pushed all the way in. Some galaxy's don't connect properly aparently. Also are you using the default music player? Push the headhphones in and out a few times. It should make that blinggg noise every time it detects they are removed on plugged in
Thanks for your repliance =)

Unlock problem is not that important cause it happens so rarely and yes, i do wait for screen to come and push the unlock button again all the time. It is so much a better way to do it =)

I also write my problem about hang up problem there too. The same problem that everyone had before. But it happened only one period of time so i dont know if it happens again. If it happens again, im going to reset or send it back for a change.(but i dont want to change my phone because in Turkey, it takes a lot of time before changing electronic devices ) I think im going to factory reset the phone and see if it happens again.

Oh my god, thats the problem :O Its about headphones that im using I was using my old Sony Walkman headphones but when i tried the original Samsung headphones, the problem just dissappeared I think Sony headphone was not plugged enough for device to get it recognized. Thank you for your guidance =)
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