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OK. It's my first post so don't hurt me

I've spent some time to figure out the best way to arrange picture elements in a given 640x480 field so it would look nice on G1 display.
Some of this might be a common knowledge so if I'm bashing down an open door just bear with me

G1's screen resolution is 360x480 (when you hold phone vertically). So it shows full height of a wallpaper but only half of it's width.
Center screen cuts a quarter from each side (180 pixels) and side screens show left and right half of the wallpaper respectively.
It would be easy if not for a status bar on top and the application tab on the bottom.
*** All the following measurements are approximated to, oh let's say +/- 3px

The status bar covers apr. 12 pixels on top and the app tab sticks out apr. 50 pixels from the bottom. And you can't get rid of those, for now at least

It gets even worse when you slide the screen to get to the keyboard.
Your wallpaper is re-oriented and butchered
You are loosing 92 pixels from the top (taking the status bar into account) and 92 pixels from the bottom. I won't even mention the app tab which is now sticking out from the right edge of the screen (but it's still 50 pixels wide).

Why so much details?
Because the first thing I did with my G1 was getting rid of the clock widget and changing a wallpaper. It just took me some time to adjust it so it looked half decent.
I know that in comparsion to some of the previous ones this look like crap but I like it nonetheless
For the best effect I keep my main screen empty and all the shortcuts are on the outer edges of the side screens.

Sorry for rambling but just maybe someone will actually benefit from this, eh?


And I know now why a wallpapers here are so blurry. Apparently when you upload picture into forum it's getting scaled down - just a pixel from each dimension - but the algorythm is so bad that right now my wallpaper trully looks like crap
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