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Originally Posted by bbrosen View Post
i used to be a big lib...i was always told rush is racist , this person is this way..blah bl;ah blah...and i believed it for a long time...then i decided I needed to listen to them, to really hear if what i was hearing about these people were true, well, it wasn't..Rush is not racist, nor has any one including Glenn beck been using hate speech...seems the left defines hate speech as anyone who does not subscribe to their viewpoints, well, i hate to tell you, even hate speech is protected under free speech cannot have it both ways and filter just what you believe, not how it works...If one knows their history, they will see how far we have come from our founding fathers ideals, and yes, that is a scarey look into our history and where we are mark Levins liberty and tyranny, it will open your eyes, you see, for a very long time i was apart of the liberal left, I know the truth, I know what the agenda is, I know their modus operandi, I cannot be lied too anymore and be a sheep of the left. the left is more violent, history shows this, then the right and very much hateful......sorry, but there is no hate speech from limbaugh or beck, or colter, or sowell, or levin, or hannity...I actually listen to what these people say, just as I used to listen to what the other side said, and the left is more off base then the right ill tell you that much.
Wow thats quite a claim, however very little evidence included in your post. Care to expand upon any of it? IE how we have left the founding fathers ideals, what their agenda is, or their modus operandi (as in how they operate)? Just curious.
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