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Originally Posted by jhelwege View Post

I've seen Goldberg perform on TV, I've seen his extreme right-wing slant, I've seen the hatred in his commentaries...why would I assume he's any more honest and disciplined in his book?

Sorry, but I don't pay much attention to over-the-top right-wingers. That includes Goldberg, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Palin, et al.

What do I think of "more liberal" writers? It depends on how responsible they are in their writings/statements.

I do pay attention to some conservative writers and commentators, but not the ones whose "target audience" is the same as that of Goldberg, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Palin, et al. I think they are irresponsible loudmouths whose main purpose is to rouse the rabble. They're very good at it, too.
I feel like this is a worthless argument, but I will keep going... It seems to me that you are only capable of listening to and/or reading the work of someone who is completely in the middle of all issues. You will only pay attention to someone who is unbiased and can see both sides of every argument. The problem is that your biases will lead you to believe that anyone you agree with is unbiased and fair... while anyone that you do not agree with is biased and unfair. You probably think that CNN and MSNBC do a good job of reporting fair and unbiased news because you agree with the agenda they are trying to push. I think the Communist News Network and MSNBC (sorry, no clever name) lean further to the left than Fox News leans to the right. Though I can't stand CNN or MSNBC, I think that they have the right to twist news and information however they would like, and then viewers can decide whether or not they want to listen. Obviously the people that you rip in each and every one of your posts have found a way to make people listen. If you agreed with their agenda you would also listen to them without hesitation... but you do not agree with their agenda, and instead of just not listening, you have decided to speak out against them with hatred because you feel that you are above it all. The word for this is hypocrisy...
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