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Notsure Get the basics right

Originally Posted by dbpaddler View Post
how about the ability to change the source of contacts and appts.
And opt-out of having contacts synched to Buzz, etc. Leave my contacts alone Google!!!

The ability to sort contacts by last name? Seems so basic, and I'm tired of hearing people tell me to search when it's only the advent of google contacts and the dumbing down of PIM's to work with google that caused this non last name trend.
It's in all the basics where Android drops the ball. Sure, the sky map is cool but I need the darn calendar, phone, timer, and alarm clock to be reliable workhorses not inflexible and not fully thought out as they are now.

True silent or vibration mode. The separation of different types of sounds (system, media and so on) is just dumb when the phone should be in silent or vibe mode. Or you should at least have the ability to customize the various profiles to include or exclude certain sounds, functions or what not.
Yes!!! A single place to put the entire phone into silent mode. This is a cell phone first principle. In a meeting, concert, etc, I want to ensure the phone won't embarrass me but still want a discreet vibration to know a call came in.

I do love all the new functionality, the GPS, etc, but the day-to-day bread-and-butter activities of using the calendar and phone are driving me nuts and making me want my Nokia back.

The single worse thing that happens on a regular basis is that the "current call" screen will disappear with no way to get it back even though I'm still on the call. Switching to the dialer brings up the app just as if there is no call going on. The only place I can hang up from is the current call screen so there is now no way for me to hang up. The only way I've figured out how to get the current call screen back is to make a second call, hang up as soon as the call screen reappears and then hang up the first call. Sheesh!!!

There are many other irritations and time wasters such as navigating to a contact, saving a contact w/o having to dial it, not having a decent repeating alarm sound for notifications, having the "back" button not exit from the calendar, poorly designed control over audio notifications and volume, and many more.

It's still early days for Droid so I haven't given up on it but these things need to work much more usefully.
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