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Originally Posted by euph_22 View Post
wow...ok, it's apparently bed time for me, since I can't make arithmetic work. Which is sad, since I have a BA in Math.

And you'd save $209 over a 2 years contract by going unsubsidized.

oh, and I'm pretty sure handset protection is available either way. I know they tried to get me to pay for it after I RMA'ed my first BH2 (I paid cash, since I have the fabled $5.99 data plan).
No Myfavs is a big deal. We would have to go atleast on the 1500 minute plan because the only people we really talk to with T-mobile is......... well us.

We use roughly 2,000 myfav minutes alone.

So $120 +$10 for an added line is $130 plus all the taxes and surcharges.......... we only pay $140 a month now.

My girlfriend got her Cliq for free instead of $350 and I will get the slide for $130 instead of $400 saving and her mom got the Nokia Nuron for free instead of $180 we saved $800 on phones and are bill is about the same as what we would have to get on the EM+ plan.

It is really about what works for you.

Oh and if I do not like my phone I too can buy another at the full price.
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