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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
that is not going to affect me. the people who post online do not represent the masses so although we have seen people post about it i dont think its anything to get alarmed about. i have the htc hero (had.. just sold it) on launch day and had a 16gb card in it and it was just fine. i stored facebook photos i would upload and some 3 stooges shorts on the card and never had any issues. the evo is a first gen phone so it will have bugs just like any first gen phone. we will be early adopters of this new tech so bugs will show up... mass produced products have bugs in them... the evo is no different..

but no im not worried because of a few posts...
Considering there are only around 5000 phones out in the wild (and how many of those are being used at all and of those that are being used how many are heavily accessing the uSD card), I definitely think there is something to worry about. There are no "masses" yet so the number of posts here seem disproportionate. I'm hoping it's a software issue because if the issue is related to the hardware it's going to require a recall of all the devices manufactured to date.
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