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Originally Posted by mwl1119 View Post
On T-mobile and At&t (the carriers it works on) none have passed it yet and who willwant the Galaxy S (if its not free). Thats it as far as Android devices.

The Mytouch3Gs is 600MHz while the Nexus is 1GHz.

There will not be a Nexus Two for a while for one reason.

The Nexus One was called that because it has a 1GHz processor not because it was the first Nexus. There will not be a Nexus Two until HTC can slap a 2GHz processor in a phone and keep the price under a grand. Look for a variant of the current Nexus first like Nexus 4G or Nexus Slide. Calling the next Nexus a Nexus Two without a 2GHz processor is like calling the Mytouch Slide a Mytouch 4G just because its next up from 3G.
Alright you may have a point there but I would never buy the nexus if it had a slide out keyboard those are just not my thing. Maybe the next Nexus would be a 1.3 or 1.5 or whatever but nevertheless they have to come out with a second Nexus this year or the beginning of the next.
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