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Originally Posted by nx1977 View Post
I'll happily post up a screen shot tomorrow for you to show the phones been on for over 24 hours.

Those who cant even reach 24 hours are either very heavy users, or simply havent set theirs up efficiently enough.

From batterytime lite the max you can expect is:

idle time 346:30 (signal will affect this)
Talk time 6:00
Video playback 3:26
Audio playback 6:29
Web Surfing 3:56

Obv thats exclusive constant use, so mixing and matching will effect this.
Can you give me some tips then.....

I use mine at my desk at work (shouldnt be mind you)

so (H) on all the time..

The only thing thats on auto is mail as i need my emails as i get sent them.

weather is on every 3 hours.

I have manual facebook, no twitter, flickr,stocks etc.

Screen is on 100% though.

with this setup ill unplug my phone at 7 before I go work and ill be charging it at 1pm without question...

EDIT: mines been unplugged and hardly touched for 3 hours and ive lost 10%

EDIT2: Just checked battery info and calender has now completely disapeared so we could well be onto a winner here....
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