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Default The solution......please read and follow steps

Originally Posted by Stretlow View Post
I stll think somethings eating mine so ive done the above steps and indeed the calendar does top the list.

However, I removed Flickr when i got the phone as I dont use it..

Any other ideas what could be causing it.???

My original post:

Originally Posted by crazy4ker View Post
Ok, I've been having problems too, but I think I've sorted my one out. I'll first go through the symptoms (apart from the obivious that the battery life is poor).

1. Go to Menu>>settings>>about phone>>battery. If your "awake time"="up time" then your phone isn't sleeping.

2. Type *#*#4636#*#* into your phone dialler. This will bring up the testing menu. Go to Battery History, then press "other usage" and select "partial wake usage". This shows what is causing your Desire to remain awake (even though the screen is off). More likely than not, this will show "calendar" as the biggest use. If this is the case go to the next step.

3. Go to Menu>>Settings>>Accounts & Sync. Now select the flickr account and then "remove account". Hopefully this should sort it. I don't use flickr and only logged in once hence why it's here.

Hopefully that should sort out 90% of you. If you have the "awake time"="up time" problem then at least you know that the problem is your Desire not going to sleep. And then the 2nd step will tell you what the problem is.
Sorry forgot the final step

4. Turn it off and then back on again! Double check that flickr has been removed from the accounts & sync list. Also check that "awake time" doesn't equal "up time".

I also did a few other steps, but I don't think that was part of the solution:

5. Go to Menu>>Settings>>Applications>>Running Services then stop connectivityservice (you need to stop this twice). Then go back to the main screen. I also removed the calendar widget then put it back on, and a few other things, but I'm sure this extra bits aren't needed.

Don't know if I should be linking other forums, but basically I followed this thread Partially solved: Potential cause for excessive battery usage - Page 16 - xda-developers Gens6200 is the guy that solved this problem.

The first 3 steps followed by a reset (not a hard reset) should sort this out. Let me know if it doesn't.

I used to have to charge my phone up after about 10 hours. Now I've had it on for 8.17 hours and the battery is showing at 69%. I've got wifi on, constantly syncing with 4 email accounts, had a few phone calls and the occasion game, plus all the time today trying to sort out this battery problem.
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