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Default Camera Glass Cover Replacement Or Straightening Red Ring

Here is a temporary idea to replace your broken glass and red ring that covers the camera, until we can find some parts for this!

The only problem is the case has a hard time closing in the corner where this new lens goes. It attaches enough to where you could get by without a case on the phone, and not lose your battery. I have a case on mine and it actually holds it together. **Update** After sitting in the sun on a table for an hour, the case seemed to mold itself and there is no longer a gap in the battery case! Works for me! See the "after" photo.

Here is a before and after shot of my cracked and bent camera lens.



Here are the two different rings laying side by side.

1. Bought a dummy HTC Incredible from eBay for $12

2. Pry apart the shell casing. I started at the opposite end to make sure I didn't bend the aluminum ring or break the glass.

3. These will be the pieces that you need... obviously.

4. On your phone, use a little pressure around the ring and pry it up. Be very careful as this aluminum bends VERY easy.

5. If the ring is bent.... Lay the ring upside down on a flat surface. To get the bends out of the ring I applied pressure all the way around the ring, pushing it into the table.

6. If your glass is cracked... follow the rest of the steps to replace with a dummy phone.

7. Place the new glass piece from the dummy phone on top of the black sticky foam part, on top of the camera. *Note* The glass as two different sides. The side with the smaller diameter, place facing up. This is where the red ring will seat around it.

8. Next, lay the red ring on top of the glass and get it to lay flush with the glass.

9. Place the back cover back on and snap all the way around. Make sure the red ring and glass are flush..

10. Here is what it looks like installed, with my Verizon gel case on.

Here are some photos of my old glass and why I couldn't take very decent pictures or video!

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