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Originally Posted by jbaruch76 View Post
thanks for the advice everyone. very helpful on here and not one person pointed me to an faq, pretty rare on a forum. i have a new dilemma now though, i can either still get the used eris for 100 or now i also have the option of a droid for 80 but it has a crack in the corner. the guy has been using it with the crack with no problems but i don't have a picture. assuming it is just a small crack as he says which is the one to go with?

edit: also been reading about how the 2.1 leak keeps you from rooting or getting the 2.1 ota. how can i tell if the eris i will be getting has this?
1. There are some good points to the Moto Droid... I don't know, it's a matter of preference and what you are going to do with it. If you are into the gaming thing, then they have some nifty toys and better performance in that arena: Home (game-gripper) . If you are looking for a sleek phone that looks a little more stylish and small, then the Eris is the way to go. I'd probably pay $80 for the Moto Droid myself just to have around for playing with (maybe not get service for it), but I'd probably purchase both units if I had the extra money around just for the Android operating system... like test units... but I guess I'm just a dork like that (software engineer).

2. Turn it off, then press the volume down button and power button (and hold). Look at the screen. If the boot loader that comes up says 1.49, you won't be able to root, if it says 1.47, there is a 99% chance you will be able to.
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