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Originally Posted by jdk4asu View Post
Ok folks, after several years of a Palm Treo 700P and "standard" cell phones, I am changing over to the EVO tomorrow like everyone else. So I was wondering if you can answer a few things...

What is a Task Killer?

I own a Mac and am going to use Mark/Space to synchronize. Does anyone else use this set up or know about? It worked great on my Palm, but Palm was designed with Mac in mind.

I use Earthlink for my email and MIGHT switch over to .mac since I have a Mobile Me account. Must you use G-Mail with a 'droid?

Since most of the time it will only be able to run 3G, at least until the end of the year or until the start of next, will that preclude the use of the internet modem? I am purposely buying the EVO so I can utilize the modem with my old laptop.

If anyone can help, that would be great!
Task Killers are used to close apps or running processes that may still be loaded after you have closed the app. Because the phone offers multi-tasking curtain parts of apps may remain loaded until needed again. Some people believe they should be closed, but Android was built to close them if memory is needed.

A Google account is not needed but highly recommended. You can (today) create your Gmail account, add all your contacts and even add images to them, and tomorrow when you get your phone and add your GMail account all your contacts will be there in about 3-5 seconds.

You can add third party POP/IMAP/Exchange email with ease.

There are several tethering options out there. Might want to check out appbrain and do some searching for those. AppBrain - the best Android apps and games on the Android market. You can use wired options for tethering as well. I know PDANet can do that.

Not sure about the other questions I never used MAC.

BUMP on the mac questions.........
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