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Originally Posted by vulcanlolsup View Post
Anybody know if there's a way to uninstall some of the HTC/Sprint software that came installed on my EVO?

Also, I had installed a Task Killer program but then removed it (read another thread about Task Killers potentially doing more harm than good), and noticed that random apps would at different times (randomly) be running, or at least coming up in my Task Killer program. Anyone know if this is normal to Android? This is my first Android device and so far I'm loving it
As far as I understand it the only way to uninstall the preinstalled sprint applications is to have root access to the phone.

As far as task killers..honestly I'm of the opinion that they are not needed. Most of the time people end up having buggy apps that constantly transmit/receive data and that ends up draining battery life big time (because it doesn't let the phone go into "sleep mode"). If I were in that situation I'd either uninstall the app or if it's a preinstalled app then I would use a task killer for it. Otherwise let Android manage itself.
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