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Originally Posted by companyman View Post
-Delete all emails at the same time: I don't think it's currently possible in the Gmail app. You can use a web browser, go to gmail and use the select all feature there to delete all the emails.

-Weather: go to your "Settings" menu. Click on "Accounts & sync"
Then select "weather" all the way at the bottom.
Click Account settings
There is your update frequency

One hour is the most frequent listed. I need shorter than that. Temp can change in lubbock tx 30 degrees in one hour.

-Email sync frequency: I believe the android google app doesn't allow you to change the sync frequency. The "Mail" app does (at least for exchange accounts). That is located in the "Accounts & sync" area.
Mail app has peak hours and days setting but i see no manual setting.

Adding one thing: If you setup your gmail account inside the HTC "Mail" app you can control the frequency it downloads (including manual download)

Same as above

Still no select all function though
Am I looking in the wrong place for email settings? I see setting for account, general settings, send and receive, and notifications plus delete.
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