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Originally Posted by hakr100 View Post
It's pleasing that the far righties are so fortifies my belief that the current admin is doing mostly the right things.

In november, the repubs likely will not pick up enough seats to control either house and will be left with only more obstructionism. The republic will still be safe from their machinations.
The hate and hostility spewed by lefty wingnuts and their Marxist leaders is what you find good for America. Jesus, that says a lot about you. Nothing good, but it says a lot.

Originally Posted by v8dreaming View Post
Oh, but the libs were supposed to just get over it when bush was president?
Like the right wasn't in denial when jr. was in office. You are no better than the people you complain about.
You still whining about Bush? Get with the program, your Kenyan is the POTUS and responsible for keeping the Patriot Act in place now. But now you're fine with that. Your party of Hate & Hypocrisy™ knows no bounds.
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