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Originally Posted by Fenga Papit View Post
The hate and hostility spewed by lefty wingnuts and their Marxist leaders is what you find good for America. Jesus, that says a lot about you. Nothing good, but it says a lot.

You still whining about Bush? Get with the program, your Kenyan is the POTUS and responsible for keeping the Patriot Act in place now. But now you're fine with that. Your party of Hate & Hypocrisy™ knows no bounds.

One, I don't read anything in my post that could be considered whining.
Two, I never stated my stance on anything. So, I'm not sure where you got that I now support something I have never supported from. I find it interesting that you now no longer support it now that Obama does though.
I also never stated what party I am part of. For the record, I am part of no party as I support views from both sides.

You come in here spewing hatred, hypocrisy and racist undertones, yet you want to throw that label on some-one else that has done neither.

I'm done feeding the trolls now.
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