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Default ScummVM plugin: scumm: The best emulator for LucasArts adventure games!

Who in their right mind has not played a Lucas Arts adventure game? About 20 years ago, Lucas Arts decided to break from the mold and make adventure games that were fun, witty and enjoyable. And more importantly, your character could not die! You were free to try out everything and thereby explore the game fully - you just couldn’t die!

Do you remember Monkey Island? Sure you do! Since 1990, it spawned 5 sequels and created its own pop-culture. What about Sam and Max, Full Throttle, The Dig and many more?
Well, these games are playable on your Android via ScummVM!
ScummVM is the de facto emulator for Lucas Arts games (and a few other adventure games such as Amazon Queen but otherwise not worth mentioning... ahem!) since 2001 for the Linux platform.

The game play is pretty smooth but I had trouble using my fingers to select items on the screen so I ended up using the roller ball. Full Throttle and some Indiana Jones games also posed a problem as it required “arcade action”. Other than that, it worked fine.
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