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Originally Posted by punkzanyj View Post
Sundog, I never signed up to "appease" anyone who's unhappy. Sometimes I think it's important to point out to people that getting "X" isn't the only solution.

Is spell check a nice thing to have? Sure, I have used it before. But a "silly omission" ? hardly.

You have to admit that being able to type eliminates any "need" for it. Typing is a skill, anybody can aquire it, and anybody can improve it. There's nothing insulting in suggesting someone can improve their skills.

Sometimes the solutions to our problems are literally in our hands. There's nothing wrong with pointing that out. Sometimes our high-tech problems have low-tech solutions. I'm not a luddite, but there is something to be said for being able to do for yourself instead of waiting for others to do for you.

Or am I wrong? Is tech the only realistic solution for every and any problem?
Typing != spelling
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