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Are you asking if I am happier with Obama/Biden than I would have been with McCain/Palin? You betcha.
Palin scares me. We'd be at war with Russia and Iran by now if Palin was President. And she'd have her Pastor lay his hand on her blessing her and exclaiming that it is God's will for her to lead America as a "Christian nation" against the heretics of the world.

Except that obama's admitted he's a muslim on live tv and his socialist policies like obamacare.
What does it matter if Obama is a Muslim?? I am pretty sure the Constitution doesn't say anything about the President needing to be a Christian does it??

The Health Care Bill is no more socialist than our military, police force, fire department, public roads, social security and medicare. The bill was a darn insurance bill that benefited insurance companies by giving them more of government money and forcing everyone else to buy insurance. A true socialist health care bill would have, for starters, a public option. There would be a medicare system for more people than just the elderly. Or it'd just simply be a massive single payer system. So people can dislike the health care bill for many reasons, but to freak out that it is evil because of how outrageously socialist it is, is just wrong.

I find it interesting that (almost) everyone is playing these moral-equivalence games. (Think this guy's bad? He's not as bad as that guy over there, and that makes him ok!) Wrong is wrong, folks.
I agree. And that is what is sad about our leaders. For so long we are simply having choose what we believe to be the lesser of two evils. Problem is, the lesser of two evil is still pretty bad. And so as a nation we keep going downhill.
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