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Originally Posted by DrScrubs View Post
Palin scares me. We'd be at war with Russia and Iran by now if Palin was President. And she'd have her Pastor lay his hand on her blessing her and exclaiming that it is God's will for her to lead America as a "Christian nation" against the heretics of the world.
Bullsh!t. This is just your wild conjecture from your Palin derangement syndrome.

Originally Posted by DrScrubs View Post
What does it matter if Obama is a Muslim?? I am pretty sure the Constitution doesn't say anything about the President needing to be a Christian does it??
What a total hypocrite you are. Read your words above, where you mocked Sarah Palin and blasted her for her Christian faith, as your "proof" that she is a bad person that scares you. But for Oilbama his religion doesn't matter and you sound offended. Another liberal hypocrite exposed with their own words. Too easy.

Originally Posted by DrScrubs View Post
The Health Care Bill is no more socialist than our military, police force, fire department, public roads, social security and medicare.
OilbamaCare is much more socialist than social security and medicare. Both of those programs are supposed to based on people that have paid into the system and they receive their benefits in return at a later date. But it has been bastardized by liberals so that people that have never paid a dime into either fund can receive huge benefits as survivor benefits, disability, or their age. Despite the bastardization, social security and medicare still serve those that paid into the system. OilbamaCare will serve a huge section of society that don't even pay taxes.

One sixth of our economy was nationalized with the stroke of a pen. What do you call that? Capitalism?

Read the OilbamaCare bill. If Palin makes you wet your pants, this bill will make you crap them.

Tell me why women will be penalized for being a woman with special taxes they must pay when buying tampons. Or men when buying condoms. Sound outrageous and unbelievable? Thank your Kenyan.

Because a quick search of the product classification database shows just how much women, and particularly Moms, will be punitively taxed. Tampons will be taxed; we are hereby punished not just by our monthly visitor, but because of it. Breast pumps will be taxed. Those of us who are “punished by a baby”, will now truly be punished monetarily by Congress for choosing (so much for choice!) to breast feed our children. What happened to wanting women to have it all? You are punishing women who work and need to pump to provide the best possible sustenance to their infants. It’s organic; I thought y’all liked that? Or is that just another thing to which you merely pay lip service for political expediency and “cool” points?

Birth control will now be more expensive as well, including diaphragms and condoms. Condoms, hmm, what shall we call that one? The roll-down tax? I suppose they figure who cares if people can’t afford condoms. Who needs personal responsibility? Pesky pregnancies won’t be a problem; abortions will be fully funded! That’s feminism for you. You’ve come a long way, baby! They should probably change that phrase, since they don’t seem to care much for actual babies.

The tax also applies to band-aids, once again harming Mommies and their children. While our kisses do fix boo-boos, they aren’t actually magic. Band-aids and bandages are required with children. Often.
Democrat Health Care Bill is Sexist and Anti-Mom | RedState

There is much more in OilbamaCare that will damage the middle class. And explain to me how illegal aliens will not be eligible when they can simply go to an ER at anytime and they must be treated by law, at taxpayer expense, regardless of OilbamaCare? More lies from liberals and your Kenyan.
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