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Originally Posted by wintersg3 View Post
You are making the assumption that I am a bad and/or lazy parent. you know nothing about me or my situation. So just to try to get a little help here I will give you some info. I have three boys, two of which are Eagle Scouts, do well in school and are very successful, due in part to my active role in their lives. The third has actually received more attention than the other two put together. He has made one poor choice after another despite my and his mother's best efforts(never divorced). He has been into drugs and other criminal behavior. We are making one last effort to turn him around before he turns 18 and can leave on his own. So now that I have shared all of that I think that it's only fair that you either withhold further judgments, or offer up your qualifications to be making said judgments. Communication only works when both parties are honest, and I need to know if he is being honest, as I have reason to believe he is not.

As for the legality of what I want to do? In my state a minor child has no privacy rights from their parents, as the parents are legally liable for the child's behavior. Also I own the phone that I wish to track.

Now maybe we can quit trying to judge whether or not I am a fit parent and get back to the purpose of this thread.
Very well said. I feel that people are way too quick to jump on the judgmental train without knowing the full story. People think "Oh this person is just trying to be too overprotective/nosey" and spout off their own opinions without giving real thought to what might be going on, or why a solution like this might be needed.

Unfortunately, I do not have any applications to recommend to you. However, I can certainly empathize to your concerns and I hope you are able to come up with a solution.
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