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Default Re: I thought obama was supposed to be transparent?

Quoting what's in your profile bud. And a quick ip address trace can confirm.
Oh? What's in my profile that would lead you to believe I'm in the Chicago area?
Odd, when I pull up anyone's profile in tapatalk it says chicago. Oops. My bad? >.>

As for abortion, no I don't agree with abortion. People should take responsibility for their actions. The only cases I feel abortion should be an option are rapes, and when it puts the mother in physical danger. That's it. Maybe it'll make people think twice about opening their legs to every guy/girl they meet at a bar. Might slow down transmission of std's too.(maybe)

What is it with you people saying it has to be one way or another? Just because I feel one way about one issue, doesn't mean I feel the same about other issues.

And yeah, I tend to disagree with liberals more than others. Why? They like giving everything out for free. No thanks. I was raised on some very simple principles, and they make sense. You don't work, you don't eat. Plain and simple. Unless you have a physical/mental handicap that prevents you from working, you starve.

Why should some person in the ghetto get a home, food, a car, cell phone, cable, and all the other goodies in life without working a day in his life, when I work for everything? Eff that. Seriously, eff that. Taking my tax dollars to pay the way for some lazy pricks to stay home and watch maury all day? Effff that.

That is exactly the reason why I disagree with liberals so much. But I disagree with conservatives on a lot of issues too. Like why give tax breaks and subsidies to large multi-billion dollar corporations? Eff that too. I know, since I'm know picking sides its blasphemy. But I am picking a side. The side of Americans.

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