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Originally Posted by Caloy View Post
Very interesting read indeed!

I would think that ATKs are like Window's Task Manager. When you kill an app, it's like ending a process in WTM. I've had a lot of success with WTM when tasks just hangs up. Instead of rebooting, i would just launch WTM and end the process.

The main question now, is how would I know which process (task) to turn off when I need to - in an Android environment... Looks like I'll be learning the hard way... LOL!
What I would REALLY like to see an app similar to what WinPatrol is for Windows operating systems. It's a PC software program that allows the user to determine which programs "start up" with the computer when it is rebooted. It does other things...but that's one of it's big functions.

For example....when I reboot my phone...I have apps like "the MP3 Store" that "start up" with the phone. Even though I've never even used the app! There are Reds News, Cowboys, News (sports related)...that I rarely access, like every other week for a few minutes...but they are constantly on, unless I "kill" them with Advanced Task Killer.

Sounds like Task Manager (another app) MAY possibly do what I'm asking...but I'm not sure. Has anyone used Task Manager, and can verify if it will prevent unwanted apps from automatically starting up when the phone is turned well as shut down apps that are not in use?
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