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Originally Posted by chcougar1 View Post
My stats for Monday and Tuesday (1st two normal work days for me with my phone).

Phone died at the 12 hour mark both days. I would say that both days were light to moderate usage (50-100 texts each day, no phone calls, probably 10 minutes browsing each day, flipping through some apps, I also used about 20 minutes of navigation).

So for me I think it could be SLIGHTLY better. It would be nice if the phone died more about 10-1030pm than 8 or 830pm but at least it will likely get me all the way through my work day and then I can plug it in while im driving home.

Tomorrow will likely be a heavier use day as I am site coverage in the office so I will be at my desk most of the day. We will see if it lasts under those type of conditions.

For the most part I run it with a standard wallpaper, 3G on, 4G off, GPS off (except navigation time), Wifi off, Bluetooth off.

Brightness about 20%, haptic feedback off, screen turns off after 30 seconds, account syncing is off unless i refresh it.
This almost like my findings.

For the last 3 days its been on or about the same...
1 day
7AM off the charger, drive to work
8AM - 9AM Check tweets, emails, gtalk, tapatalk some web pages
9AM to 12 PM at work but check on occasion tweets messages
12PM down to 15 %

2nd day added Advance task manager
same times and usage except it lasted till 1:30PM

3rd day took off ATK but added System Panel (no closing of apps)
same thing as 1st day results

I read that doing a system wipe/restore will help so I am doing that tonight.

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