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the most hysterical thing about politics anymore is left/right wing...

There is only one wing and they do their best to make sure we vote left/right by creating turmoil on the radio/tv between the two... It gives everyone a feeling of I must vote one way or the other...

Imagine we all sat back listened to everything everyone said and never saw the candidate or knew the political party they were affilliated with?

What we would have is an honest and educated election in which the best person for the job would win...

Look around your big corporations... How many people were/are hired/interviewed simply due to race/gender/etc.

If you want the best candidate you would name everyone "john doe", read their credentials interview them by phone and then have a face to face meeting...

Guess who wins the job? The most qualified PERSON... It's really that simple...

Nah instead they have us picking sides and letting complete republican vs democrat bs be the deciding factor on who gets elected for the most important position in the world...

The Irony of it All!!!
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