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Oilbama could not have apologized more to Muslims last year.
It would seem he spent his time apologizing to the whole world, not just Muslims. Or at least that's what opponents say. Besides, an apology is not an act of evil. If there was a wrong act that America has done, an apology would be prudent.

Oilbama supports terrorists, and I submit that his supporters do as well. How? 15 minutes after the Underwear bomber was taken into custody he was Mirandized on Eric Holder's (meaning Oilbama's) orders.
Republican leaders had no problems with the terrorist being Mirandized when they were informed about it. I guess they must be supporting terrorists as well?

Brennan: GOP-ers Knew Xmas Bomber Was Mirandized, Raised No Objections (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire

As for the Fort Hood, I would agree it was a terrorist attack. It is in the same line as the OK City bombing and the crazy nut case that flew a plane into the IRS building in Texas.

Man Crashes Plane Into Texas I.R.S. Office -

Oilbama carried out the courts-martial of three Navy SEALs that captured a most-wanted terrorist - because the terrorist got a bloody lip while resisting.
I don't support a court martial of our troops over the singular word of a terrorist. But I wouldn't go for using this as evidence that Obama supports Muslim terrorists. In this specific case the military way over reacted. This was just one man's word that he was abused without evidence so the whole trial is a waste. Thankfully they were acquitted. - Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty of Assaulting a Suspected Terrorist

In any event, I do not believe the POTUS is involved in a court martial. I mean as far as I know, I don't believe a President orders a court martial. You were in the military, you would know more about that than me. The "blame" that everything is the POTUS' fault while it is on his watch can only go so far. If Obama single handedly pushed for the court martial then he has mind control powers over nearly everyone because there are a lot of people involved in the whole process.

Liberal talking heads and the WH were giddy with excitement when they said the Times Square bomber was believed to be a middle-aged white guy. They were ecstatic. Racial profiling was suddenly en vouge when it was a white guy.
People who were using this as a political game were dumb. This was about potential loss of lives and a threat to our nation. Racial profiling is not right, no matter the color of a person. I wish I could control people and have them stop being idiotic and playing politics with this, but unfortunately I can't. Hopefully people in this forum are wise enough to learn and know better.

Your personal opinion of what Sarah Palin *might* do is irrelevant. Point is that you excuse Oilbama and slam Palin. Your agenda of hypocrisy is showing - again.
My personal opinion is based on what I have heard from Palin. Given, she is not the President so obviously there is no body of work, but her words have been enough for me to not vote for her.

Anyways, it is great that you are getting out all your anger against "Liberals" against me.

Public roads and public services like police and fire department are just that - public services paid for by taxpayers for the good of the community. What do you want, complete privatization?
Nope. Just saying there are socialistic aspects in our lives.

Making me and other taxpayers pay for *really* free health care for those that do not pay taxes is socialist.
And like I said, people who don't pay taxes use public streets and the fire department and police services as well. Again, I am just saying the health care bill is as socialist as those other services.

And apply for Medicaid. That's what it is for.
Obviously I am not could be for it, but I'd imagine you would be against Medicaid.

Health care reform is needed, but the OilbamaCare bill is more fail than we can afford.
Probably true. And so I asked in another forum...what are solutions? Republicans claim they have solutions. Where were those solutions for the 10 years they held control of Congress and 6 years they held control of the White House AND Congress?

You nor anyone has a right to health care.
Lastly, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree here. I believe health care is more of a right than the "right to own guns" for example. Being sick, suffering and dying is terrible. The pain and hurt for family members is heartbreaking to see. Personally, besides the rights given to us in the Constitution already, I believe everyone should have a right to exceptionally great and free education and a right to health care.

1. National defense
2. Education
3. Health care
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