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Originally Posted by inaz4sun View Post
I am not sure if there are any unnoticed ones, but there are lots of ways to do it with a running app, or even those ones that will send you the location of the device with a text message to it.

I will want to do something like this one day when my child is older. If there isn't some program specifically designed, I'll turn one on the phone and tell them if they turn it off they are grounded. :-) A parent has the right, nay, obligation to know where their minor children are at all times.
nice, take the trust factor out of it before they even get a chance to prove themselves.

Originally Posted by wintersg3 View Post
I've got to ask the question since so many think communication is the answer here. What do you do when communication fails? Repeatedly, for years.

I have followed advice for years now from other parents, therapists, cops, and the general public. It was only a couple of months ago that his DYS caseworker told me that it's not my "bad" parenting. I have two well adjusted, successful boys. They live in the same home, and go to the same school, and have the same opportunities as their brother, yet he is in trouble. Also he told me a "bad" parent would have given up a long time ago. He has NEVER worked with parents as involved as my wife and I. His mistakes are his own, not mine. I am far from perfect, but I'm still in there fighting for him after dealing with his problems for ten years now. If you have a similar situation I'll gladly listen to your advice, if not please save it cause you just don't understand. It is damn near impossible to help someone who doesn't want to be helped, but as a parent I can not give up, I have to do something.
I have not a doubt in my mind that your a good parent. Just to offer a little something though. im 24 so i'm still a "kid" myself in your eyes. But being that age offers the chance to see both sides. I'm young enough to remember what and why i did things and old enough to now understand why my parents did what they did. Although this tracking program will in fact give you the answer to whether he/she is lying or not on where they are or have been, it still won't solve the root cause. IMO all this will do is further break down any trust that may be left and cause yet more acting out. I'm sure your at your witts end and looking to do something and i applaud you for going to such lengths, because i've personally seen parents that havent come close, but i wouldn't rely on a tracking program to be the solution to get things back on the right track. I don't really have any advice on how to handle your situation, i'm just trying to let you know what you might expect to come of using this. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor and hope things work out for the best for you and your family.
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