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Originally Posted by YankeeDudeL View Post
I think it's when Pete came out w/ BBeast v1.0. And CM came out w/ 5.0.7, that wiping once just wasn't taking. Most of us had trouble installing these ROMs unless we wiped 3x. I have no idea why, I don't know the particulars like you guys, but I know I couldn't get my ROM to run right (if at all), if I didn't. It was only for like those ROMs, though.

I remember that as well... Whenever you wipe by formatting (quick) you tend to leave fragments behind. The fragments left behind are constantly changed and not the same from one wipe to another. So by wiping multiple times you are removing more fragments each time.
Thats why when we use the format option in windows we have the options for Quick or Normal.... as well as other third party formatting applications have options for multiple passes, for both "hard disks" and "flash drives"... the government has a minimum number of passes required before it is considered wiped... I could be wrong but i believe that applies to both hard and flash disks.

as for me, ill always wipe more then 1 time...and im proud to admit it.
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