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Actually, its funny you say that. When i had the Touch Diamond (which is Windows Mobile based) I was scared to death about rooting it. I finally took the plunge and it was not easy since the instructions were like reading the Nasa Shuttle instruction manual (no offense to Nasa personal). When I got the Hero, I decided to root also and that was a bit easier but still took the wind out of me.

This time around, the guys that created the rooting program really outdid them selves, nothing really to do, no instruction manual to read lol, just go to the website, download it and run it on your phone. It does not wipe out your stuff, all your contacts images are still there and it takes less than a minute (if that).
I was totally blown away by the simplicity of it all.
Another good thing about it is that unlike previous root methods, this one allows you to receive Over The Air updates without having to revert back to stock mode. So take the plunge my friends, enter into a whole new world.

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