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Originally Posted by Kappy View Post
quote snipped due to size, (just click on the arrow to see it).
FINALLY an official thread. Now people who have 4 hrs of battery life can stop complaining if they actually read and use the power saving settings effectively. (by the way 15 hrs average with moderate use here )

Also i didnt see this in the post so ill add it on.. If you have email push, you dont actually have to disable it but dont set it to check frequently, i tested this out myself, for a week i had mine on check every 4 hrs and i averaged 15 hrs batt life. today i set it to check every 5 min and my batt died much much more quicker than it previously did..i only got 6 hrs out of it today doing the same things i did the entire week since i got it. checking every 4 hrs for email is good. even so if you need email that bad each time you open the app you can either refresh and check it manually or set it to check each time you open the app
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