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Originally Posted by amsparky View Post
I am sorry if this is a silly question, but I am new to Android. Here's what my battery usage says"

Cell Standby 34%
Phone Idle 31%
Voice calls 19%
Android system 8%
Dialer 6%
Display 2%

I have NO idea what this means. I take it back, I think I can figure what voice calls, dialer and display means, but what about the others?

Cell standy- percentage is showing you how much battery power the cellular radio has used up ( transmitting, recieving and maintaining signal) - when you go into an area with poor reception, the phone will use more power in an attempt to maintain a decent connection

phone idle - how much power the phone used just to be on while idled

android system - how much power the OS used ( this reffers to the apps that are/were running on your phone)

NOTE - this percentage is an estimate based since the last time you unplugged or plugged in the phone. if you just unplugged your phone lets say 5 minutes ago and you havnt used anything. the android system will take up a greater the day goes on and the longer you dont plug in your phone, the more the percentage will drop if you used your phone throughout the day( IE web surfing, phone calls, youtube ETC)
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