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Originally Posted by theintoxicatedmofo View Post
Cell standy- percentage is showing you how much battery power the cellular radio has used up ( transmitting, recieving and maintaining signal) - when you go into an area with poor reception, the phone will use more power in an attempt to maintain a decent connection
I would word this a little differently......Cell Standby percent is the Percentage of power used by the phone to keep it in standby (connected), RELATIVE, to all other phone use categories. So, this means that the Cell Standby Percentage cannot be interpreted by itself, without other statistics, like total time on, and wake time.

A high percentage of Cell Standby time, by itself, tells us nothing good or bad about battery use....just that the cpu/wake portion of the use has been small. In otherwords, you just left the phone alone, and it was maintaining a connection to the tower. Is this correct?

Now, If one saw a lot of "Android" percentage with very little "wake" time, I would be concerned that something is running in the background while you are leaving your phone just lying there, locked.
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