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Default Re: Also willing to make wallpapers

Ok, so I downloaded this program called photoscape to mess around with some of my images and it lets me resize them however I want, obviously with a little distortion if I get too crazy. However, my problem is that even if I set the height to 800, when I save it to my SD card then try to load it up as a wallpaper, it's still way too big. I even set one to 498x720 and could only fit about half the pic because it was way too tall. Am I missing something simple here? I've checked other pics that are 800 in height and I can fit the whole image. I'm confused...

*edit* I'm starting to figure more out but I still have one question if you have the time. How would you crop out a certain part of an image? For example, the wallpapers you did with cars, how did you crop out just the outline of the car? I can't seem to figure out how to crop just the pieces I want without doing a whole square.
I made some for you did you see?

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