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Default Re: Also willing to make wallpapers

I even set one to 498x720 and could only fit about half the pic because it was way too tall. Am I missing something simple here? I've checked other pi
Right: Your image will have to be a rectangle that's longer horizontal than vertical. If it's taller than wide, your stuck selecting a portion of the pic that fits the correct aspect ratio no matter the resolution.

*edit* I'm starting to figure more out but I still have one question if you have the time. How would you crop out a certain part of an image? For exam
I do this a couple of different ways. On a offline program i have there is a freehand select tool that lets me draw around an object and copy/paste it. It's a VERY old program that I doubt you can get and I'm embarrassed to name . The other way is many programs have a "wand" tool, that selects parts of an image based on difference. After cutting large areas with this, some careful "erase" is needed to clean it up. Then, the ol' C/P.

If you want to know more just ask, and I'll try to explain as best I can (in other words, not very well).

I did, and it is much appreciated. Those are actually some of the ones that I've been messin around with in this photo editing software I downloaded.
Oh ok.well you can use a smudge tool that look s like a finger if web tool have that otherwise show us what you want it to look like and me and eye be
Right. The old program I use also has a "blend" function that automatically blends pasted images into the background to variable degrees. This is actually it's most useful function.

And it's eyebeam dammit! One word.
I would have spelled it right it's just not in my swype dictionary! Haha.

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