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Originally Posted by TheBiles View Post
You shouldn't have to touch it after you download it from the supplied link. No renaming and no need to explore.
Yes, I understand all that.

The problem is I believe the current link to PC36IMG.ZIP has a corrupt file. Since it is a ZIP file you SHOULD be able to open it and look at it just like UPDATE.ZIP and all the ROM zips I have downloaded but I am not. I get an "invalid file" message.

This leads me to believe the downloaded file is corrupt so I would like someone who already has it on their PC to see if it can be viewed in Windows. If they CAN open it than the file I have tried to download 15x is BAD where it is being hosted (or I am having a weird PC problem downloading it) but if they can't open it I have to look elsewhere to solve the problem I am having.

I'm pretty familiar with ROOT (I had a MyTouch3G) and never had a problem but for some reason the PC36IMG.ZIP file is not being applied. All I am getting is a CLEAN WIPED UNROOTED EVO when I try to apply it.
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