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Default Re: Once, twice, three times a lady! ... Wiped

Where's my geek war? Ok, let's add a lil fuel to the fire...

So why is it that the ROMs didn't take w/ one wipe but did w/ multiple? Huh? Huh?! HUH?!

Go get 'em, tigers.
They have always worked on mine. Ok, for instance I was browsing another site, and on the instructions it says wipe twice (kinda feel like I'm talking about something I do in the bathroom ) before installing the b.b. froyo that I know a lot of people here are running. Now, I know I only wiped once, and mine installed and is working just fine. I have NEVER wiped more than once, and I have never had any problems with installing or running other roms. It goes to make me wonder if they told everyone that just to see how many would actually do it. And yet, some people take it as a must do now.. I don't get it, it don't make sense to me.

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