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Originally Posted by DaSchmarotzer View Post
Well, I don't know much about carriers, but I did try emailing mine a few times (Bell Mobility). I even told them that I bought the phone because it would get 2.x updates.

They answered that it was not their fault, the manufacturer should do the updates, they don't have any information.

In short, they don't give a crap. But it's true, they don't have much power toward Samsung. You think that T-mobile has that kind of power?
hahahaha.....Bell Mobility is by far the worst customer experience I have ever encountered. They have blatantly lied to me, restructured contracts mid-contract, failed to provide any support or updates to the Touch Pro when I had it, charged me $400 for a phone I didn't purchase (of which I got my refund after 4 months of fighting). Any sort of customer appeal to Bell will be met with not only indifference, but serious disregard. They have no real accountability due to the lack of competition in Canada.

My opinion is, don't put any faith in Bell. When I've inquired about phone updates in the past, they have claimed it's the manufacturer's responsibility. When I've contacted the manufacturer, they have claimed it's Bell's responsibility to sanction an update. I'm inclined to believe the manufacturer.

I do have a Telus phone in the household and it seems they do provide frequent updates. Come July, my bell contract will be bought out and I will be heading to Telus or Wind until Shaw rolls out their LTE service in ~1.5 years.
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