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Default Experiments

So here is the deal with mine...I had the usual 4-6 standby time only since day 1 of owning my EVO and was frustrated like the rest of you, but I have since, found a solution that I am in the middle of testing so far that has increased my battery EXTREMELY so far. Problem is, I did a couple things at once, so not sure which one was the fix, but am narrowing it down by doing one by one on wife's EVO with same issue mine had. I will edit this post when I have the setting that I know does it. Until then, here are the things I did at once to mine and over the last several days:

Before battery fix (did not impact hardly at all, but did it anyhow):
1. ATK set autostart UNCHECKED, set Autokill to DISABLED ("crazy" will kill email notifications btw), set security to MEDIUM.
2. Use the ATK manual widget to kill the settings above
3. Turn screen brightness off auto and manually set to lower level as desired
4. Leave all radios off but Mobile

NOTE: in mobile radio settings, if you uncheck the middle one that say, "always on......." this is glitched and will cause your EVO to reboot on its own - see my other post under EVO rebooting on its own, and thanks to that forum for that input!

For the REAL battery fix (these were all done at once and I will try to narrow down what REALLY did it on wife's phone over the next few days, as I do not want to screw mine up)
1. Charged long with phone power off to "calibrate" the battery meter. This seemed to be a small issue as the LED showed green, and when I looked in batt status it said 96%. Weird, but may have some merit...
2. Turn Google Talk off from auto login at start up (don't think this was it, but I don't use it anyhow and at this point have to include it as a possibility due to WHEN I did it)
3. Uncheck and turn off all roaming/guard options in mobile radio section EXCEPT "always on...." see above for that problem. AT THIS TIME I AM POINTING AT THIS TO BE THE FIX SO FAR, more to come.
4. At some point I went into all my applications and set refresh times to max, but when I noticed great battery time starting, I was actually able to go back in and set most of them back to quick refreshes with almost the same outstanding battery life still =)
5. Download "Network" app from market to check GSM and CDMA setting for mobile radio (this was a suggestion from XDA site and the thread on GSM being the default and it lead to the radio constantly searching for signals - Mine was set to CDMA, so I did not change anything in there). This step made explore the settings from item 3 in this section which I believe is the ultimate fix, but time will tell...

As of right now here is what I am seeing on my EVO:

Initial boot ATK initiated manually using above settings: once to kill startup apps (usually kills between 12-14 apps after boot)
Time now: 12:08 PM Wednesday
Overnight Standby while sleeping: YES
Last Charged: ~5:30 PM Tuesday
Battery percent now: 50%
Usage: Light - email checking every hour and 1 small phone call this AM about 5 min long
App refresh settings: most of them back to quick 5min, 30min, 10min, etc.

Extra apps installed off top of my head:
Star Wars light sabre
google sky
fring (running btw)
Torque OBD
LED light
bar code scanner
police light
calorie counter
sports tap
air horn
cardio trainer
finger paint
first aid
battery guage
Google goggles
magic 8-ball
mspot movies
speed test

RESULTS: Much to my surprise it appears GOOGLE TALK may be the culprit, as the data roaming test on wife's EVO did not stop the massive battery drain, however, preliminary tests this AM are showing that GOOGLE TALK being turned off for autostart and signed out may be the BIG fix. I will report back again as to how today goes for wife's EVO (turned off GOOGLE TALK last night).
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