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Originally Posted by mwl1119 View Post

And T-mobile needs to prove it.

They can pledge all they want but Verizon and Sprint phones are being updated while T-mobile customers are sitting and waiting.

I will not renew my contract for the MT3GS or Galaxy S only to be sitting on 2.1 or 2.2 while the other carriers are updating to 2.3, 2.5, or 3.0.

To me it looks like T-mobile is getting more greedy than Sprint and Verizon because while Verizon and Sprint are spending money to get updates out T-mobile is spending money hyping up a sale to get more people buying their outdated lineup of phones.
I hear you there man! I'm on T-Mobile service with a Nexus One and couldn't be happier. I'll continue to use Tmobile because they are the cheapest, just gonna be buying my phones off contract. And I hope that's gonna be a Nexus 2 or something similar!

After 2.2 froyo, it goes right to Android 3.0 gingerbread. Which is rumored to be released sometime by the end of this year.
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