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Originally Posted by tmaxey1 View Post
That sucks that your usb port broke off like that. I have not heard of any others so your may be just crappy luck. I have always liked Mini Usb over Micro usb. I never understood why Micro became the way to go. It does soom a little to small to be strong. My Hero had mini and it just felt right. It didnt feel breakable.
The industry wanted to standardize on a single port for all devices. It mostly came down to port size. As devices get smaller, the space available on/in them for ports does too. Micro simply takes up less space, so, the only way to get everyone to agree on a single port was to pick the smallest one available. But because of this, no more replacing your chargers and other cables every time you buy a new phone, across all manufacturers...

Hey it could be worse. We could have a goofy iphone type of charging port designed to force you to buy $50 chargers. At least our cables can be bought on monoprice for .85c.
... except Apple, who is sticking with their proprietary interface because that way they can charge you a lot of money for cables. They claim their interface is more versatile than MicroUSB, but.. well, it isn't.
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