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hw version 002 purchased 6/4 at radio shack. light leakage under all 4 bottom keys, worse under home and search keys, and along entire left side of screen. leakage worse in corner by home button where the screen is starting to raise up.

battery life is satisfactory, with moderate to heavy use on 3g and wifi. i do have to charge atleast once every 12hrs. when i point the phone at my router, wifi signal is full strength but when not pointed at router i get half the signal and thats being in the same room no more than 25ft from router.

battery cover doesnt fit completely flush unless i push it around and finagle it. i have removed the back pobly 10 times and im sure ive warped the flimsy plastic ever so slightly. deff from my own doing.

both cameras are fine and both l.e.d.s work blindfully well.

starting to notice some lag especially when im runnig home switcher.

absolutely love the phone and will try and get a replacement if radio shack ever gets any in due to the lite leakage and screen seperation
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